Thursday, February 12, 2015

Team Whiskey Tango Elects Frankie MacDonald as Chief Weather Resource during 2015 Cup du Quebec Kite Race!

The Whisky Tango snow-kite crew, Americans Jim Pavoldi and Jeff Bartkowski, are extremely exited to have been invited to Quebec for the 2015 Cup du Quebec snowkite races in Pohénégamook, La Baie (Fjord-du-Saguenay), and Lac-Mégantic.

This is a great opportunity to catch back up with local heroes of the Fjord like Alexis Leblanc and host / kite designer and adventurer Benoit Tremblay of Concept Air and hopefully get some post-race revelry with the maniacs from Wax Team.

As the WT crew will consist of two Yanks we decided to get our weather warning in English and have selected Frankie MacDonald (AKA DogsAndWolves) as our honorary Chief Weather Resource for all our 'Fully Nord' kiting this winter.

Frankie's forecast and warning in the video below for this weekend (Feb 15, 2015) are a great example of his energy, and enthusiasm for weather prediction and weather-risk alerts. As most our activity is during heavy wind and often while while wearing hats or helmets, we have found that Frankie's volume is ideal.  As these races will be on February 21/22nd, 28th, and March 14/15th, we will look forward to any forecast Frankie produces especially if they'll have an impact in the areas of QC that we'll be riding.

I have spent the better part of 10 years working with over 300 local news broadcasters and over 500 meteorologists at ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX affiliates all over the US and I can say that Frankie's updates are by far the most engaging and his heartfelt warnings should be heeded.

Keep up the good work Frankie!

Frankie's 'signature phrase' t-shirts are now for sale at Lost Cod Clothing Co


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