Thursday, May 7, 2015

Snowkiter Crashing into Paraglider (Accident Video)


Many of our Canadian friends in the snowkite racing circuit are also world-class paragliders and even manufacturers of paragliding (parapente) wings.

When our favorite hobbies collide, literally, it's expected that the injuries will be severe...

paragliding and kitesurfing crash accident
paraglider vs kite crash
In the video below, Gary, with our comrade and video producer Bob Pelletier , is soaring down towards the ice when a snowkiter appears to make a jump without assurance of the safety zone with at least 50 meters down and 30 meters up wind although in this case I would add that the distance should be measured in addition to the length of the lines and in 3 dimensions.

Per Bob, "Gary has been seriously injured, he has for several months without being able to work..."

Watch and learn, stay safe and remember our love of risk is only reasonable until it starts to injure others...

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