Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A View From Above: Skydiving in CNY 7/31/07

Skydiving s popularity has been growing for years and now it s more accessible than ever in Central New York We go beyond the clouds for a view of Central New York few of us have seen

RAW Skydive Camera 2, 7/31/07

Watch raw video of reporter Kevin Torres skydiving

RAW Skydive Camera 1, 7/31/07

Watch raw video of reporter Kevin Torres skydiving

Monday, July 23, 2007

Skateboarders Robbed Of Video Camera

A group of skateboarders filming themselves performing stunts become the victims of a robbery

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Motocross Nationals Comes To Thunder Valley

7 22 07 -- Motocross at Thunder Valley brings avid fans and some not-really-fans who scout the excitement brought by bikes and the opposite gender

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Despite Dangers, Skateboarders Hit Half-Pipes

7 19 07 - Each year almost 50 000 children get hurt and have to go to the emergency room after skateboarding accidents

7/18/08 - Salt Lake man dies in skateboard crash

7 18 08 - Salt Lake man dies in skateboard crash

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Skateboarders Find Faith and Fellowship on Wheels

A sport that has a faithful following among many young people is now a local ministry for a group in Roanoke FOX 4 s Dionne Anglin shows us how some avid skateboarders have found faith and fellowship on wheels

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Around Town:Broken Spoke

Many teenagers spend the summer working odd jobs They work at one many of the retail stores in the area baby-sit or mow lawns In this weeks special edition of Around Town Brad Feldman introduces us to one Bismarck teenager who is taking his working life to a new level Tyler Herman Broken Spoke Bike Shop I m getting busier as the summer goes on It s the time of the year when Tyler Herman has to shift gears He spends much of his day working on bikes Tyler Herman Broken Spoke Bike Shop I m just gonna repair it now and send it down the road for the lady His passion for bikes is more than just a hobby It s quickly becoming a career A year ago at the age of 14 Herman received an offer he couldn t refuse The owners of Dakota Cyclery wanted him to take over their shop when they closed So he did and now he owns the Broken Spoke Bike Shop Tyler Herman Broken Spoke Bike Shop I started out with maybe five bikes and now I probably got 30 bikes Today he carries some of the biggest name brand bikes in the business However the companies he represents didn t really take him seriously when he told them his age Tyler Herman Broken Spoke Bike Shop Most people do laugh when I tell them I am only 15 I guess I just let them think what they want to think pretty much With this attitude Herman continues to build his business and passion for bikes When he leaves his garage chances are you can find him on the local BMX Track Tyler Herman Broken Spoke Bike Shop It s one of my main things I like to do just be around bikes For Herman it doesn t matter if it s racing around the track or repairing an old bike He knows its what he wants to do for a long time Tyler Herman Broken Spoke Bike Shop I hope I can run it as a full time business just make my way through life running a bike shop that would be great Brad Feldman KX News Herman s shop is located at 306 South 15th Street in Bismarck He says once he graduates from High School he would like to move into a larger shop

Monday, July 2, 2007

BMX racing growing in popularity

Chances are you remember learning how to ride a bike while you were growing up Now some riders are taking it to the next level BMX racing is a growing sport across the country Brad Feldman went to the local track to see what the excitement is all about Sound On the gate riders ready watch the line Kilen Ziegler BMX Rider I m Kilen Ziegler I m ten years old Sound Josh Erdman BMX Rider I m Josh Erdman ah 12 years old Tyler Herman BMX Rider I m Tyler Herman I m 15 and I race BMX Sound It s a fast paced sport Sound One that challenges the veteran riders and those just starting out Like this young six year old who just makes it over the biggest hill on the course Its these kinds of obstacles that awaits each of the racers The slightest mistake could end up costing the racers a lot Josh Erdman BMX Racer Competition I like that Kilen Ziegler BMX Racer I just like how its so tough to do and competition gets up on you and you have to peddle so hard that you win Fasttrax in Bismarck offers this exciting action twice a week Anyone who can peddle a bike is welcome to give the course a shot Different age groups and classes will put you in competition that fits you the best Tyler Herman BMX Racer It s great fun for everyone of all ages Brad Feldman KX News Fasttrax has races on Monday and Thursdays starting at seven p m There is a small registration fee to compete each night This weekend you will also have the chance to see some of the best racers in the region Fasttrax will be hosting a regional rae that will bring about racers from Minnesota South Dakota Iowa and North Dakota The competition begins July 6th and goes through the eighth