Saturday, May 17, 2014

How to Snowkite Jump (part 2) - Endless Winter Continues with Alexis Leblac

Snowkite Jumping; Big Air Sessions with Alexis Leblanc

Another extended snow kite jumping session with Alexis Leblanc kiteboarding in Fjord Saguenay.

April 19th is still plenty cold enough in the Canadian Nord to keep it going.

The following video shot in Chappelle Saintt-Cyriac, QC, Canada is another great example of Alex's skill in getting huge air and in framing his shots in a way that 'shows' us where is kite is during these jumps and gives the South-of-the-Border US snowkiting crews something to keep us grooving through a hot spring.

Alex's videos are available to chrome-cast which is rare as they're all set to real music so it's worth just setting them up and watching them on the big screen with the volume cranked up. He's got a ton of fresh content since his last upload showing the Canadian transition from ice, to slush, to water.

You can subscribe to Alex's channel here:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Skateboarding - How to Stop and Powerslide on a Longboard

Here's a pretty clear tutorial video on how to slide and stop using one handed board grabs to slide and two handed push up slide to stop:

Chris McCurry and Jason Bither have a great collection of longboard how-to videos at SketeDeville - Their breaking section for how to stop a longboard is pretty solid:

If you've been experimenting with the longboard you've undoubtedly found out about 'speed wobbles' - TheGnarDeal and "Downhill/Dashboard Jesus"  put some science to it:

Now that we have the nonsense out of the way, let's get back to business.

Endless Roads 2 - The Island with Longboard Girls Crew is is a bit slow out of the gate but phenomenal once the actually get rolling - around the 8:40 things pick up and by 10:45 mark things get wild! Smoking hot.

With huge fun and huge slides come some big crashes:

Thursday, May 1, 2014

EpicTV's Spectacular Episode - Speed Riding an Avalanche in Chamonix

Featuring Speed Riders David Bozon and Nicolas Blanchard.

If you're not familiar with EpicTV take a look ASAP - The production values these guys are bringing to Extreme Video production is unmatched.