Thursday, October 2, 2014

Behold the most intense long-boarding video ever.

Arbor Skateboards pro James Kelly fastest longboard crash
James Kelly's Fastest Longboard Crash, ArborCollective

This video, published by ArborCollective may be interpreted as 'content marketing' but I assure you it is of the highest quality not only in capturing the risk and excitement of James Kelley's unbelievable ride and crash (reported at over 60MPH) but also in spectacular videography and editing as well as a fresh soundtrack ("Jim" by Swans) to accompany the video and make it even more intense.

I do believe this level of extreme video production quality is the future of media and will move niche entertainment into the bigger-screen mainstream.

I have been longboarding around NYC and I can honestly say I never even imagined riding like James Kelly. Well done team Arbor, keep 'em coming!

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