Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tete the Daredevil Tree Climber of the Congo

While many climbers obsess about the math behind our climbing gear, Tete goes way out on a limb, with at most a vine as security, and eventually leaves that behind to engage the bees guarding his honey. Long before the Russian Selfie's and GoPro, men like Tete were making their audience's palms sweat with amazing climbs. 

Honey climber "Tete" climbs 120 foot branch-less span of a giant tree deep in a Congo forest while being attacked by bees and showing no pain.

Sugar is scarce, and honey is nutritious - It's also the mark of a man to show this type of courage.

As Tete says, "To climb big trees, you must empty your heart of fear"... 


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