Monday, October 5, 2009

Aquastorm - Swim Team

The pool isn t even finished yet but the new Bismarck Indoor Pool has a team A new swim club Aquastorm has been formed in Bismarck It will provide competitive swimming and diving for people of all ages and skill levels Swimmers will be broken down into six groups from beginners to masters Loic Joseph is the coach for the new swim club He has been coaching swim teams at the club level and high school level since 2001 Loic Joseph Aquastorm When I first started coaching I wanted to bring Bismarck on the top of the state You know we are the capitol of the state and there are a lot of good sports we have football you have a lot of basketball you know other things we talk about Bismarck I want people to talk Bismarck about swimming Aquastorm will also be working on starting a water polo group at the new indoor pool in Bismarck The new indoor pool is scheduled to be completed in early December

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